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The way people look for and purchase property has changed drastically over recent years. Instead of making runs to the property agent’s office, today most buyers turn to the internet to solve all their property matters, housing needs. From finding out how to approve a mortgage to sealing the deal for a dream property, every step of the process is done online. Now the majority of online searchers clicks on one of the first three entries of Google’s search result; if your business isn’t in the top three, you’re losing your game to your competitors. And this is where SEO kicks in.

LDMEDIAPRO’s expert SEO services for landing organic traffic on your website

Getting your website on the top ranks for the targeted keywords takes time and efforts that you as a real estate owner might not have. However, LDMEDIAPRO has the solution to your problems: our expert Search Engine Optimisation services. We help you secure the top ranking for Google’s search results with our real-time optimisation skills.

As the best SEO company for small business in Birmingham, our SEO services offer several critical features tailored to your marketing and business needs. We start by making a plan and handle the day-to-day of monitoring and improving your online footprint. We believe every business is unique and needs a custom marketing SEO services.

Our master plan for best SEO services in Birmingham

Website Audit

The first step in our search engine optimisation process is to perform a detailed in and out open surgery on your real estate website. We audit your website to analyse your current website content, mapping, coding, and keyword density so we can determine the strengths and weaknesses and make a strategic SEO plan according to your needs.

Keyword Research

The driving force behind your organic traffic is efficient keyword research. As a leading search engine optimisation company in Birmingham, our experienced real estate SEO experts will perform thorough keyword research for both your business and its competitors. Knowing what keywords your competitors are working on will assist in creating a prompt strategy necessary to outperform them and make your website lead all across the web.

Performance Tracking Setup

Before starting with our optimisation skills on your site, we set up and connect all the important measurement tools that will track and generate reports for your SEO results through our analytics system. Our search engine optimisation services include a detailed account of reports on the SEO impact on your business. We will keep you updated through open lines of communication.

Two-Way Optimisation

Optimisation of your site is comprised of two phases – on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. First, we give your website an initial boost it needs to get going on SEO; this is on-page optimisation. Then for off-page optimisation, as your site progresses and brings in traffic, we continue our SEO efforts through blogging, link-building, content writing, and ongoing keyword optimisation.

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If you want to grow your real estate business while optimising your marketing costs and increasing revenue, it’s time to see what the best SEO Company for Real Estate can do for you.

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