SEO Tips for Real Estate Agents – Real Estate SEO

ldmediapro_admin October 16, 2019

SEO Tips for Real Estate Agents – Real Estate SEO

Ready to show up on Google searches as the best SEO Company for Real Estate? Here are a few tips.

How real estate brands and industry experts are using content to rank higher? What are their tried and tested real estate SEO guidelines and strategies, and how can you adopt and apply them for your own realtor’s business and claim your success in the future? Too many questions, but too little legitimate answers. Real estate SEO is a big market that has many essential aspects to it, and to make a real estate business visible across the internet; you need to pull off some real hard work smartly.

Tackling real estate SEO is a tricky game, and requires the perfect recipe of broad content and intense local information. So, being the best SEO Company for real estate, we have pulled together some of the best SEO strategies for our real estate clients to make them visible across the internet.

This extended blog post will cover activities, and strategies your real estate agency needs to consider in this year’s digital marketing mix. This guide will help you dominate your searches and grow your business for years to come.

Keyword research

The competition for keywords is aggressive, so you have to target your keywords on a specific locality tightly. Majority of the home shoppers begin their online research with a local keyword phrase, like “London realtor.” Use Google’s Keyword Planner to look at an overall picture of how targeted keywords should help your business thrive by driving the most traffic to your website, and how tough it will be for you to rank on top positions for those keywords.

Keep your website updated

Equipped with keyword data, make required suitable changes to your website (including the Page Titles, headers, Meta Descriptions, and body content). Incorporate targeted keywords that you are looking to rank for. Pages can be further optimised for keywords, so it is best to write the content, including page titles and meta descriptions that are engaging for both search engines and visitors. Proper IDX integration can also help in increasing the traffic as well as boosting your rankings.

Content is the king

The best SEO Company for real estate believe that content is king on search engines and SEO outcomes. Websites with blogs and unique content get comparatively more traffic than others. Why? One way to drive traffic on your site for specific property listings is to write blog posts. Publish quality articles frequently; generate informative and engaging content on home renovations, community updates, and local real estate market conditions that would be of interest to potential real estate investors, home buyers and sellers in the specific area. The content should be unique, engaging and optimised with target keywords.

Align your website with directories

Getting your website registered with as many directories as possible will increasingly help improve your search engine rankings. You can find real estate directories to align your website through sources who have directories for realtors. You cannot imagine how much potential traffic can be captured by getting listed in the right publishers and real estate directories.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Smartphones are now the solution to pretty much of every problem. People are shopping for new homes via smartphones and tablets. In fact, 58% of millennial homebuyers found their new home on a mobile device. Considering customer preference and behaviour, the website must be optimised for mobile discovery, so you aren’t losing REAL real estate leads by turning the customers away.

Before hiring any best SEO company for real estate business, know that it takes time and effort to improve your ranking on search engines and increase your website’s visibility across the internet. Turn to real estate SEO experts like us, who have experience in driving traffic, generating the best leads, and creating mobile-friendly, custom websites that are optimised enough to give the best results so you can keep your focus where it is needed the most — on your real estate business and clients.

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