Signs your best Search Engine Optimisation Company is Black Hat

ldmediapro_admin October 16, 2019

Signs your best Search Engine Optimisation Company is Black Hat

Noticing something fishy? Beware! Your search engine optimisation company may be deceiving you.

SEO is a vast land where both black and white exist. The shady practices that SEO firms use in the name of abstract and vague phrases, like “guaranteeing #1 ranking in one month” and “secret sauce for SEO” are usually black hat SEO techniques. When an SEO agency uses strategies outside of Google’s guidelines, this method of performing SEO is called black hat SEO. It is often really tempting for SEO companies because it is a much easier way to get rankings. However, the main issue kicks in later, as these rankings are temporary and only last for a short period. Not just that, they also cost you a lot more than you can imagine.

As a reputable SEO company in Birmingham doing SEO for a considerable amount of time, we can tell you it is well worth the effort to maintain quality over time. Every corner you cut in SEO, catches up to you. That can be hard to swallow pill for a startup, as they want instant results, but if you look at the businesses and brands who have been doing quality SEO since the beginning versus those who took a black hat route, the success line is pretty clear.

In this blog post, we will introduce the black side of the SEO world by telling you how to spot if your SEO Company is Black Hat.

Check your backlinks

Most cheap SEO companies who are black hat are pros at building hot links. How it really happens is, Google at first takes this as a quality signal, but then it throws a penalty at you. One of the first things you can do to determine this is, check the link report form a tool like Google Search Console, Majestic SEO, or the Open Site Explorer. They will show you any spikes in backlinks. If you see a major spike, you can investigate those links to check where they are coming from.

When analysing these links, use your own best judgment. Do these look “unnatural” or the links that have been earned, decide yourself. One other thing that would be really helpful in determining these links is the anchor text report. If your Search Engine Optimisation Company experts have built too many text links with a keyword in them, be prepared for a penguin penalty for losing your ranking for that term.

Onsite Optimisation

Black hat SEO is a technique usually practised offsite; it generally occurs from building poor quality backlinks to the website. However, the onsite can also be a dirty playfield, as well. For example, things like cloaking spun content or doorway pages, and keyword stuffing are common stops on the black hat route.

Keyword stuffing

This term refers to the practice of stuffing a webpage with numbers or keywords as an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Often these keywords appear out of context (unnatural prose) in a list or group. This is surely pretty nasty work.


This is a black hat SEO technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider doesn’t match the one that is presented to the user’s browser.

Spun content or doorway pages

The spun content is actually gibberish, and it is easy for you to spot. While doorway pages are pages made for SEO only, they provide no navigational value to the user, let alone unique content.


If your SEO Company in Birmingham is doing black hat SEO, you will see a good boost in the first 3 to 6 months of service and then start to lose traffic. The usual red flags for the black hat SEO are poor quality content, unique sounding projects and a lot of backlinks.

But the real thing is, if your site has been a victim of black hat SEO in the past, you will need some time to reverse the dirty work. Your new SEO firm should be ready to practice things like link clean up, disavow files, earning new links, social media and inbound marketing.

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